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The temple was previously called “Wat Luang” or “Wat Luang Klang Wiang” as it was constructed to be a royal temple. According to the 74th stone of inscription discovered within the compound, this temple was built during the reign of Chaopu Khaeng in 1406 to be a place for rulers to conduct Buddhist ceremonies and the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony. The inscription also mentioned that Phaya Phonlathep Ruechai, a Nan ruler, renovated the main wihan (Buddhist chapel) in 1548 A.D.

            The architectural characteristics of the temple reflect the influence of Sukhothai arts such as the Phrathat in the Lankan style (a bell shape). The base is surrounded by sculptures of the front half of elephants. It looks as though they use their back to support (or “Kham” in Thai word) the phratat, similar to Wat Chang Lom in Sukhothai province.

The main wihan enshrines the Buddha image in the posture of forgiveness called “Phra Phuttha Nanthaburi Si Sakkayamuni.” This 145-centimeters bronze statue is cast with 65% pure gold and is believed to be cast in 14th century or during the late Sukhothai Period. The main Buddha image is also elegantly beautiful and representing Chiang Saen style of art and skills of Nan craftsmanship.

Opening hours: 6am-6pm

Contact: 0 5452 1118

To get there: The temple is on Suriyaphong Road opposites to Nan Municipality Office.


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