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Sedge products by Chantaboon Prasat Dai

Sedge products by Chantaboon Prasat Dai The place is located at Moo.7, Tharn Prasat Sub-district. It is a local village where tourists can come visit in order to sense the way of life of local people here as there are h...

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Wiangpapao trip by bicycle

"Wiangpapao" is a quiet ,charm, natural beauty town situated in a valley and embraced by mountains.It is unknown tourist destination. Wiangpapao is also an ancient town formerly called "Wiangkalong"and well-known as...

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5 Junction Vietnamese Communities

The 5 Junction Vietnamese Communities is located in the heart of Mookdaharn province. It is the popular morning market in Mookdaharn. If the tourists have any chance to visit this market, they will get to taste the local...

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A great walk in Forested and agricultural area of Nong Yao  forest

"Nong Yao forest" is the community forest to offer the route for people who like to walk and relax in the natural forest. You will enjoy the peaceful silent environment and experience how they work in agricutural areas w...

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Akha Hill House
Akha Hill House(Chiang Rai)

A must-visit for picturesque views. Only 23 kilometers from Chiang Rai, the Akha Hill House is 15,000 meters above sea level, looking over the misty valley amid different surroundings of wonderful lush tea plantation, ri...

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Amphoe Amphawa
Amphoe Amphawa(Samut Songkhram)

Amphoe Amphawa, or Amphawa District, holds a significant place in Thai history dating from the Ayutthaya period to the early Rattanakosin period. It started off as a small agricultural and trading community, named Khwaen...

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Amphoe Samko
Amphoe Samko(Ang Thong)

Historic Amphoe Samko, or Samko District, is approximately 25 kilometers away from Ang Thong town. The area, much chronicled in Thailand’s history, was the site of Burmese attackers’ encampment prior to ...

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Ancient  Kilns
Ancient  Kilns(Buri Ram)

A must-visit site for archaeology enthusiasts, these ancient kilns marked among the most important pottery-making of the ancient Khmer Empire, supplying pottery to other cities during the 14-19th Buddhist century. Tao Sa...

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Ancient Town of Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is an old city with a long-run history dated back to Ayutthaya era. Serving as a fortress city for both Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin kingdoms (circa 1548-1784), the ancient Kanchanaburi was centered near the T...

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Ancient Town Walls and Gate

The ancient town of Suphan Buri was once located at Tambon Rua Yai on the western bank of the Tha Chin River. An earth wall and moat are all that remains, situated between Wat Pa Lelai and the City Pillar Shrine. On the...

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